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Industrial Inspection Group takes pride in being one of the 17 companies worldwide – and the only inspection company in Arizona – to have achieved the QP5 Certification from the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC).

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Corrosion? We have it under control.

How We Passed SSPC’s Industry Standards

The SSPC QP5 certification is a platinum standard for top coating inspection companies. It is a badge of honor and a symbol of expertise, with many small- and large-scale projects exclusively seeking QP5 inspection firms in U.S. territories and the world.

Industrial Inspection Group was certified to QP5 for demonstrating diligence and excellence in the following key areas:

  • Effective management methods
  • Established inspection procedures
  • Reliable quality control systems
  • Definitive internal audit and review processes
  • Extensive personnel qualifying and training
  • Coherent complaints review and resolution policies

The QP5 certification highlights our dedication to quality in preventing and controlling corrosion, ultimately minimizing the downtime and repair costs of all clients.

Importance of SSPC QP5 Coatings and Linings Inspection

Corrosion of metal and concrete is a common result of reactions between substances and materials in the surrounding environment. In favorable conditions, it takes time for corrosion to occur. However, when premature corrosion or coating failure arises, you, the owner, become at risk for millions of potential losses. Our role as certified coating inspection specialists is to save and extend the life cycle of your assets.

Our QP5 Coating Inspection Process

While our internal practices are far more intricate, we are happy to share a rundown of how we perform precise and consistent coatings inspections.

Our thorough maintenance survey assesses the coating condition of your assets. This crucial step in our process helps create a maintenance schedule for future recoat and touch-up applications, if and when necessary.

Our QP5 certified coating inspectors perform a series of tests for a wide range of coating applications. Specifically, we conduct testing for coat thickness, hardness, adhesion, conformity, compatibility, performance, and finishes.

Documentation of coating conditions and diagnoses, along with our expert recommendations, is detailed in comprehensive reports. The content covers every aspect of your project, including key issues in need of immediate resolution.

Coating Specifications
Our coating and lining inspections and the specific coatings we recommend are in accordance with the industry standards of NACE and SSPC.

Contractor Management
Industrial Coating Inspection & Consulting only works and collaborates with some of the best contractors in the country.

Blasting and Painting
Our versatile coating inspectors also oversee project management in the sandblasting, painting, and coating phases of each job.

How We Maintain Our SSPC QP5 Accreditation

SSPC evaluates our accreditation yearly to ensure our utmost compliance. Continuing education and improvement – particularly on inspection techniques, industry standards, and safety – is a critical responsibility of our coating inspectors. Furthermore, being knowledgeable and skilled in the industry is a fundamental requirement of the AMPP-SSPC-QP 5 certification program.

Note that the AMPP-SSPC QP5 certification is only given to inspection firms and not individual inspectors. Nonetheless, it still demands the skills, education, experience, and responsibilities of our coating inspectors – all of whom meet SSPC’s standards for excellence.

Why Choose an AMPP QP5 Certified Inspection Company

Several branches of the United States military have adopted the QP5 certification to ensure the companies tasked with providing consulting, coating, and inspection services are fully equipped and qualified through a complex internal and external review process. More industries are also beginning to implement the need for this sought-after certification to achieve quality assurance and quality control of the highest standards.

Allow us to prove our authority in quality control and inspection practices. Contact us at 480-993-8999 to request a quote and experience the QP5 difference.

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