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Leveraging our experience and agility to solve the challenges associated with corrosion.

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Industrial Inspection Group provides the integrity and expertise needed to ensure the quality, safety, and satisfactory results of industrial projects.

Our Commitment to Your Project’s Success

As some of the best coating project consultants in the U.S., we are dedicated to contributing our technical, operational, and strategic expertise to ensure the success of your industrial coating application and inspection projects. Our in-depth consultations and investigations allow us to identify the current coating conditions of your assets and recommend the best possible improvements.

Featured Project Consulting Services

Our consultants demonstrate mastery in the following subject matters throughout commercial projects and into operations.

Specification Writing
Our industry-standard specifications describe the procedures a coating specialist should follow, as well as provide the documentation necessary to complete your project based on allowable surface preparation, application techniques, schedule, and budget. We vow to go above and beyond when formulating your industry-standard specifications, ensuring the completion of your coating project on your own terms.

Industrial Coating Inspection
Our inspection technicians are highly accommodating, communicative professionals. Industrial Inspection Group as a whole holds certifications from the Society of Protective Coatings (SSPC) and NACE International–the leading coatings industry associations that recently merged to form the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP). Our coating inspectors assure current coating application processes per site and project specifications.

Failure Analysis
If coating failure occurs, Industrial Inspection Group will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause. Our certified coatings inspection specialists will diagnose the problem and detail all findings through proper documentation. We will also recommend and provide the actions necessary to correct the cause of coating failure.

Materials Selection
Our deep understanding of the industrial coating industry and keen awareness of advancements in materials and application procedures make us the leading project consultants for materials selection. We will help you choose the ideal surface preparation method for your specific needs, taking into account surface conditions, performance history, functions, and expectations. After considering and evaluating these aspects, we will formulate the unique coating specification for your project.

Complete Project Management
Unload the stressful, heavy burden of managing people and projects into our capable hands. Our core values and commitment to delivering excellent customer service make us the number one choice for coating and consulting project management. Our industry-leading specialists will develop relationships with everyone involved in your project to ensure on-time completion in line with your budget and other demands.

Coating Consultants Trusted by America and the World

Whether you seek to diagnose existing coating conditions or are planning a coating application project, Industrial Inspection Group has years of experience consulting with proprietors across multiple industrial sites, including refineries and pipelines, wastewater treatment plants, nuclear power plants, reservoirs and water tanks, energy transition infrastructures, bridges, and urban architecture. We can also assist you in addressing issues such as concrete corrosion and presence of lead, among several other concerns.

Experience our proficiency in protective coating inspections and complete management of any project. Dial 480-993-8999 now to get started.

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