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Our Experience and Technical Expertise

Industrial Inspection Group provides a range of survey and assessment services used in conjunction with the planning, design, and construction phases of bridges, roads, and other infrastructures. Our experienced multi-disciplinary personnel and strategic technical partnerships position us to achieve the best possible outcomes for our government and private clients across multiple industries.

Our Commitment to Improving Infrastructure

The continual improvement of facilities and systems in U.S. territories and the world are among our company’s key focuses. Contributing to this endeavor, we exclusively deploy the latest technology to provide all clients with consistent infrastructure surveys and assessments, allowing them to overcome one of the most technical requirements in construction and engineering.

Full-Service Infrastructure Survey Project Management

We designed our survey equipment to provide complete support for your projects, small or large, spearheaded with the highest level of skill and professionalism. Our in-house infrastructure site survey specialists also offer complete project management services. From assisting with failure analysis, implementing health and safety protocols, seeking compliance and permitting within difficult environments–we can do it all.

How to Determine if a Project Requires Infrastructure Surveying

Identifying a construction project’s need for infrastructure survey and assessment is not always a quick and straightforward process. Here are some questions to consider during the decision-making phase.

  • Is your project near or above public structures such as railway trails, tunnels, utility plants, heritage buildings, or other sensitive properties?
  • Does the project involve deep excavation?
  • Do you need to comply with federal requirements, such as the 16 critical infrastructure sectors designated by the Department of Homeland Security?
  • Will the activity cause ground movement, which may impact the stability of surrounding structures?
  • If you are making changes to an existing building, will the activity impact the structure’s resilience and integrity?

While this list is not exhaustive, it can help you understand whether further discussions with our infrastructure survey specialist are necessary.

Our Promise

Utility, transport, and public services create unique challenges and demands on measurement survey requirements. How do you obtain what you need quickly and accurately, and still ensure that the expensive infrastructure near yours remains unaffected?

Our state-of-the-art equipment and methods ensure results that maintain the highest standards for quality and accuracy. Furthermore, many of our team members have extensive experience in government compliance associated with the Homeland Security Act and America’s Water Infrastructure Act, among others.

With our company’s unparalleled experience in infrastructure surveys and assessments, we are proud to say that not a single survey project has ever been questioned on precision or accuracy. From construction and engineering to rail, road, and land developments – allow our dynamic team of experts to offer you industry-standard infrastructure surveys.

To discuss your requirements and see how our experts can help with your project, contact us at 480-993-8999. As one of the premier inspection companies servicing all U.S. territories and the world, our specialists can easily handle the technical complexities of infrastructure assessments.

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